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Online Food Ordering Made East at Yummybay

Now ordering food is just a click away. Yummybay.com is Kerala’s first online food ordering portal that offers users a wide variety of options that include book a table, cakes, corporate bookings, caterers, resorts and gift a food. They are also the first online food ordering portal in India to have payment integration, accepting all cards including international cards. Yummybay.com is a joint venture between by Amicitia Food Mart PVT LTD, having years of experience in the UK food industry and IT support by Aadhocc Software Technologies, a web development company. Presently major restaurants in Kerala from cities such as Kochi, Trivandrum, Thrissur, Calicut and Palakkad are listed in the site. In online food ordering users can view offers and promotions that the restaurants provide and also custom promotions by Yummybay. They can also view delivery areas of the restaurant of their choice. Users click and add to cart the food of their choice from the menu and all they have to choose are now payment options and delivery/takeaway mode. Users can also repeat orders, place orders for future and -Add to favourites’ in this feature. Abroad? Can’t make it for your daughter’s birthday? Yummybay gives users the option to gift food to their relatives and friends for those special occasions that matter the most. At Yummybay users get options to a wide variety of cakes with images and detailed descriptions from bakers in their locality, delivered. Now you can surprise your friends and family with a cake for every occasion, with tie-ups with some of the top notch bakers in Kerala. Want to go backpacking? Find the most suitable resorts and hotels of your needs at Yummybay, displaying various packages offered by resorts listed with us and also feature an enquiry system for users know more about the offers. Having trouble finding the right caterers and cuisine for your big event? Yummybay offers a huge list of caterers that serve a variety of cuisines. They also take care of budget crunches and give users detailed quotations on their order, thus saving your precious time. Could not get seats in your favourite restaurant? The site also offers book a table facility where in users can select the restaurant of their choice and confirm tables at the time of convenience. Just fill in the details and the restaurant will reserve a table exclusively for the users. Now sit back and relax as the food of your choice comes to you!! visit us at http://www.yummybay.com

Contact Coffee Machine Suppliers In Uk

One of the best ways to get your hands on the best possible machines and equipment to make yourself a great cup of coffee, whether you are a regular coffee enthusiast or are planning to open a caf or a barista to serve people coffee is to get in touch with coffee machine suppliers in UK, like our teams at Coffee Omega. We are the leading name when it comes to reliable people who can supply you with the best equipment to make coffee and have an extremely reliable reputation in the market itself. One of the reasons for this is that we have years of experience under our belts which allows us to be able to understand the different kinds of equipment and their uses, which then later helps us explain to our consumers about the right kinds of items that they should get according to their different kinds of requirements and needs. We are able to not only help our consumers understand what they should ideally invest in but also can help them procure the different types of items in a way that turns into a good experience as a whole at the end of the day.

Some of the things to understand about making a great cup of coffee are as follows:

The roast level of the coffee bean is an important aspect to care about as it can really affect the whole experience. The lighter the roast that is done on the bean, the more tenacious and pliable is the beans at the end of the day. This is important to note because the more you end up roasting your coffee, the more likely it is to lose its moisture which can then ruin the overall flavor as well as the aroma of the coffee itself

It is always better to use an air quenching method as opposed to a water quenching method. This is because the water can end up spoiling the surface of the beans which can then ruin the overall taste, flavors and aroma of the coffee which can make the experience inferior. Quenching, however, is an important aspect of the coffee making process because it prevents the coffee from becoming too dark and non pliable

We are the leading name in the industry and can help people with all their coffee related needs. We have an extremely versatile and varied list of items that are there in our categories or catalogues so that you can have a vast list of options to choose from no matter what your needs are. Whether you need a regular coffee machine, a good coffee grinder, smaller equipment such as filters or cleaners or you need something like the Marco Ecoboiler, we have it all at our website. You can purchase items from us without worrying about whether or not they will work because we have items of the highest quality and durability that have passed all the relevant tests in the industry.

How Coffee Is Consumed In Different Parts Of The World

Coffee is one of the world’s most loved drinks; however little do people know about how it is consumed in different nations. This article enlightens you on how different parts of the world drink their everyday coffee.

In the UK, people have developed a taste in recent years for cappuccinos, lattes, espressos as well as mochas that only a few years ago, were absolutely absent from the High Street.

A lot of people think the remaining of the world drinks their coffee the way they do and few of them are in fact surprised once they travel out of the country to find that their request for their much loved skinny caramel latte is received with a blank look!

So, how is coffee consumed in various countries all over the world? Lets talk about two countries where it is taken seriously. Take a look and understand how different few of these coffee cultures are, and experience it while travelling abroad.

France Cafe au Lait

This well-known drink (just coffee served with hot milk in a big cup) made it to the shorelines of the UK some time back. This is consumed at breakfast time, and is usually served in a mug wide enough to let a croissant to be dipped in. Offered pretty much everywhere and about as uncomplicated as a coffee recipe can be (except for the croissant). They have joined the remaining of the world in recent years, with the cafes in every major town.

Italy Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Macchiato

It’s true to say that the Italians are familiar with a bit about coffee, and are responsible for several of the Italian-sounding brews you’ll get to see in any coffee shop. They don’t actually drink latte (which actually just means ‘milk’) and seldom add syrups, beaten cream as well as other such flavors, in its place, they prefer to drink espressos.

Most of the famous brands of coffee beans are Italian.

And don’t order a cappuccino after lunchtime if you want the barista to just refuse you point-blankly – it’s considered to be something just drunk at breakfast time, normally with a sweet croissant or pastry. After lunchtime, its espresso or macchiato except, if you’re a tourist.
So, just go globetrotting and experience the different coffee cultures, followed by different countries all over the world.

There are many well-known caf chains in the world which offer amazing varieties of hot coffee, cold coffee, flavored coffee and more.

Commercial Quality Coffee Vending Machines Uk

For any retail coffee vendor, the most prized possession is his coffee machine and if he owns the Astoria Coffee Machine, he has the confidence that he has an asset that will earn him good money constantly for a long time. No wonder coffee machine suppliers make it a point to always keep the popular Astoria brand.

The Astoria Coffee Machine is not only popular in the UK but is the coffee machine of choice all over Europe. Astoria is a premium coffee machine brand from Italy, the land of coffee lovers. For a coffee machine to be the machine of choice, it must give perfect quality coffee consistently. Astoria is just that ! Astoria is an Italian espresso machine manufacturing company that provides quality coffee vending machines at an affordable price. It is not only their affordability but also their longevity and low maintenance and most importantly ability to produce exceptional espresso coffee consistently. For those looking for a quality commercial espresso machine on a budget, Astoria is the machine for you.

Setting up a caf or restaurant is a complex job. One has to shop for equipment such as a coffee machine, refrigerator, cooking equipment, display units etc. and most of this is manufactured by different companies. It becomes very difficult for small catering units that are just trying to find a foothold in this jungle to manage ten different manufacturers for their requirement of the basic commercial equipment to start and run their cafs or restaurants without fumbling.

Why Astoria Coffee Machine?

Selection of a coffee machine for a restaurant or a cafe is the most crucial task. There are so many machines that look the same that it is best to buy one that is well known rather than going for an obscure brand. Astoria is a great brand to rely on as Astoria coffee machines are favourites of many commercial food catering establishments in UK. There are many reasons for this and one of it is that an Astoria coffee machine can give you the quickest and the most consistent espresso coffee that clients love. While there are scores of good coffee machine brands in the market, Astoria stands tall among them for its superior and consistent performance in all models of varying sizes and specifications.

The most important reasons to choose Astoria over other coffee machines can be vouched by coffee machine suppliers:

1.Astoria is a well established Italian brand that has been around for a long time. It is tried and tested and has come out a winner.

2.It is very affordable when you compare other parallel brands.

3.It gives the best espresso coffee that people love and the quality of coffee it vends is always consistent.

4.It is long lasting and does not require much maintenance.

Data snap uk inflation rate slows in may – Electric Bike Battery Pack Manufacturer

By Jason Douglas and Ilona Billington

LONDON–The annual rate of inflation in the U.K. slowed in May to its lowest level in more than two years, official data showed Tuesday.ay.

The Office for National Statistics said the consumer prices index rose 2.8% on the year in May, compared with a rise of 3% in April. Economists had expected the annual rate of inflation to remain at 3%.

The annual rate is the lowest since November 2009, the ONS said. Price increases for food, fuels and energy were substantially weaker than a year earlier, aiding a slowdown in the overall rate, data showed.

Prices fell 0.1% in May compared with April–the first April-to-May fall in prices since the ONS began calculating the consumer price index in 1996, the ONS said. The fall in the month-on-month rate benefited from a fall in gasoline prices.

The slowdown in the annual rate of inflation should reassure policy makers at the Bank of England that price pressures in the U.K. economy are easing. Rate-setters expect inflation to cool to its 2% target by the middle of next year.

However, the data showed core inflation, which excludes volatile prices such as energy, food, alcohol and tobacco, accelerated in May, rising to an annual rate of 2.2% from 2.1% in April.

An alternative measure of inflation, the retail prices index, also slowed in May. RPI inflation decelerated to 3.1% on an annual basis from 3.5% in April, and was flat month-on-month, the ONS said.

Separately Tuesday, ONS data showed U.K. house prices rose 1.1% on the month in May, the largest rise since March last year.

Write to Jason Douglas at jason. and ilona. snap uk inflation rate slows in may – Electric Bike Battery Pack ManufacturerData snap uk inflation rate slows in may – Electric Bike Battery Pack ManufacturerData snap uk inflation rate slows in may – Electric Bike Battery Pack ManufacturerData snap uk inflation rate slows in may – Electric Bike Battery Pack ManufacturerData snap uk inflation rate slows in may – Electric Bike Battery Pack Manufacturer

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