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BPI and their Ka-Negosyo Business Financial Support

Have you noticed that the number of food cart businesses in the Philippines today had increased? The reason why is because many Filipinos had started their own food cart business by either franchising a business or starting their own from scratch.

Other than food carts, there have also been other popular businesses that many Filipinos had started in the hopes of improving their lives and securing their future. It is because of this thought that BPI had started a new service which would allow Filipinos to start their own business through financial support. This is through their Ka-Negosyo Bpi business loans.

BPI Ka-Negosyo
BPI or Bank of the Philippine Islands is a premier bank in the Philippines, particularly because it was the first bank to be established in the Philippines. Owned by Ayala Corporation, it is currently ranked as the third largest bank in the Philippines in terms of assets, market capitalization, and the most profitable bank in the country. And part of the reason why BPI became successful is because of the Filipino people.

To return the favor, BPI is one of the many banks in the Philippines that offered a chance for Filipinos to quickly own a house or a car without having to invest hundreds of thousands of Pesos in one sitting. This is because of their BPI Home-Loan and Auto-Loan services.

However, other than their home and auto loan services, BPI had also introduced a new service which aims to offer Filipinos the chance to own a business by supporting them financially. This is through their Bpi business loans, popularly known as the Ka-Negosyo business service.

BPIs Ka-Negosyo aims to provide Filipinos with the chance to start their own business through financial support along, while maintaining lower interest rates which could allow Filipinos to enjoy their income from their business. Other than helping them start or franchise a business, Bpi business loans can also offer financial support for those planning to expand their business, or fast-cash loans for emergency purposes.

Contributing to the Business Industry
Because of loaning firms and banks, such as BPI, many Filipinos today can easily start or franchise a business without having to worry about the budget. This is turn led to the growth of the business industry, particularly the franchise industry, of the Philippines, in which the country had gained tremendous popularity and recognition in Asia for its efforts in providing the best franchise conception in the market.

Jollibee Success Story

When it comes to fast-food restaurants in the Philippines, Jollibee has become an icon for the majority of Filipinos in and out of the country. Awarded the “Best at Consumer Goods” in Asias Best Managed Companies 2005 poll survey by Euromoney Magazine, Jollibee Food Corporation has been recognized as one of the 200 “Best Under a Billion” companies in Asia by Forbes Asia Magazine.

In a recent report made in 2008, Jollibee Food Corporation became the biggest known fast-food restaurant in the world. With an over of 1,490 local chains and 228 foreign stores, JFC now competes with other successful fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King.

Part of what made Jollibee Food Corporation successful other than its own brand are its acquisitions. JFC has been known for its expansions through other brands of fast-food chains in the Philippines and in other countries. One of its first expansions was Greenwich Pizza.

Jollibee Food Corporation acquired 80 percent of Greenwich Pizza in 1994, enabling it to penetrate the pizza-pasta segment. From a 50-branch operation, Greenwich has established a strong presence in the food service industry.

In early 2006, Jollibee Foods Corp. bought out the remaining shares of its partners in Greenwich Pizza Corp., equivalent to a 20% stake, for P384 million in cash.

In 2000, the company acquired Chowking, allowing Jollibee to be part of the Oriental quick service restaurant segment. In 2005, JFC penetrated the pastries and cake industry by acquiring Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

Other acquisitions made by Jollibee Food Corporation are Dlifrance (a bakery company that serves “French style” bakery products), and Manong Pepe’s (a fast-food restaurant that serves popular Filipino delicacies).

In August 26, 2008, Jollibee Food Corporation formally signed the P 2.5 billion ($ 55.5 million) deal with Beijing-based Hong Zhuang Yuan through its wholly owned subsidiary Jollibee Worldwide Pte. Ltd.

Aside from Hong Zhuang Yuan, Jollibee purchased 70% of Taipei restaurant Lao Dong in June and Chun Shui Tang tea house in 2006. In 2004, Jollibee acquired Chinese fast food chain Yonghe King for $ 22.5 million.

By the end of 2010, Jollibee Food Corporation aims to become a Global Brand by opening 4,000 chains all over the world, serving both the Filipino people that grown to love Jollibee, and foreigners that’ll soon belong to Jollibee’s growing family.