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Finding The Right T-disc Assortment

It is said that the Ethiopians are the ones who first discovered the energizing effect that coffee bring to people. But their where no evidence that shows coffee grew in Africa earlier in the 17th century. The Arab was the first to roast and brew coffee and spread through the Middle East in the 16th century. Then it spread not only in the Middle East but also in other countries today you can see more and more people are drinking coffee and enjoying it not only during breakfast but at anytime of the day.

You can see many coffee shops scattered in almost all countries these only proves that coffee is part of people’s lives. Some people can’t even go through the day without drinking their favorite coffee. Coffee shops are famous not only for serving black coffee but also for serving flavored coffee more and more people appreciates coffee for it taste good when you mix it with milk or other flavoring.

If before you need to buy packs of coffee just to see if you like the taste of that particular flavored coffee or not now you can buy what they call t-discs. T-discs are designed by Tassimo. Tassimo is one of those companies and brands that manufacture coffee machines. They also have coffee maker designed to make coffee using the t-discs this machine would read the bar code placed on tops of the t-discs and it will be the one to change the water temperature, the amount of water needed and the brewing time. This coffee maker car brew a lot of hot drinks not only coffee, it can also brew cappuccino, short espresso, hot chocolate, tea and other more.

The t-discs are not only limited to coffee you can find different types of t-disc like hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso and other flavored coffee that would suit you. Tassimo t-discs are designed by Tassimo but are made by companies like Gevalia, Starbucks, Maxwell House, Seattle’s Best, Kenco to name a few.

So depending on your taste you could choose a t-discs made by either of these companies. Sometimes when you buy coffee there are some t-discs that come with it. One way to taste many different coffees is to buy t-discs assortment. This is one of the many ways of finding and choosing a good tasting coffee. This will save you some time and some money so instead of buying one type of coffee you could try buying t-disc assortment before deciding which t-discs you want.

How To Grow Coffee Beans

Your cup of steaming hot coffee every morning isn’t something as easily prepared as you might think. Creating coffee needs more than just putting hot water and stirring sugar into it. It doesn’t even come in instant granules that we are so used to.

The coffee that we drink actually comes from the coffee plants that are cultivated in various parts of the globe. Brazil is the number one coffee producer in the world with a market share of about 30-35 percent. Most countries that produce coffee are from South and Central America and the Middle East. Some Asian countries like Indonesia and India also have coffee plantations.

Coffee plants are evergreen plants that are grown in specific situations. They need specific amounts of water, air and land in order for the flavor to be achieved. It involves a lot of back-breaking work and is pretty labor-intensive. This is perhaps why it is so hard to grow them.

Plants are sown as seedlings in what coffee-growers call nursery beds. The land needs to be well aerated since it should have a healthy amount of oxygen in the roots in order to grow well. After about 8-12 months, the seedlings are then replanted to the coffee fields where there are wet and fertilized holes.

As mentioned before, specific conditions must be kept true in order to cultivate a good coffee bean. Sunlight shouldn’t shine directly. In fact, diffused light is best. Moisture should also be kept constant with frequent and regular watering. The soil should also be fertilized and kept healthy by removing weeds and protecting them from pests.

When planted, it takes a long time before it can mature. The coffee grower needs to wait for about 5 years before his first crop.

What the trees look like Coffee trees are big and broad with dark green leaves. The flower, which resembles jasmine, is where the coffee granules are gotten. That is why harvest time are timed at the period when these flowers blossom. The fruits are also great sources of the coffee beans. The cherries or the berries will begin to come out about 6-8 months after.

It is a must that these fruits are harvested immediately as they can ripen easily- within 10 – 14 days. Manual harvesting is still preferred even if it takes a longer time. This is because the picker needs to keep the good beans apart from the bad ones.

The long wait is however very profitable for the coffee grower. One tree can produce about two pounds of beans, which is around 2000 coffee beans. After the harvest, the coffee beans are then processed. They are dried and then roasted. These coffee beans are then ready to be sold on the market where they will be grounded before being served.