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How Coffee Is Consumed In Different Parts Of The World

Coffee is one of the world’s most loved drinks; however little do people know about how it is consumed in different nations. This article enlightens you on how different parts of the world drink their everyday coffee.

In the UK, people have developed a taste in recent years for cappuccinos, lattes, espressos as well as mochas that only a few years ago, were absolutely absent from the High Street.

A lot of people think the remaining of the world drinks their coffee the way they do and few of them are in fact surprised once they travel out of the country to find that their request for their much loved skinny caramel latte is received with a blank look!

So, how is coffee consumed in various countries all over the world? Lets talk about two countries where it is taken seriously. Take a look and understand how different few of these coffee cultures are, and experience it while travelling abroad.

France Cafe au Lait

This well-known drink (just coffee served with hot milk in a big cup) made it to the shorelines of the UK some time back. This is consumed at breakfast time, and is usually served in a mug wide enough to let a croissant to be dipped in. Offered pretty much everywhere and about as uncomplicated as a coffee recipe can be (except for the croissant). They have joined the remaining of the world in recent years, with the cafes in every major town.

Italy Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Macchiato

It’s true to say that the Italians are familiar with a bit about coffee, and are responsible for several of the Italian-sounding brews you’ll get to see in any coffee shop. They don’t actually drink latte (which actually just means ‘milk’) and seldom add syrups, beaten cream as well as other such flavors, in its place, they prefer to drink espressos.

Most of the famous brands of coffee beans are Italian.

And don’t order a cappuccino after lunchtime if you want the barista to just refuse you point-blankly – it’s considered to be something just drunk at breakfast time, normally with a sweet croissant or pastry. After lunchtime, its espresso or macchiato except, if you’re a tourist.
So, just go globetrotting and experience the different coffee cultures, followed by different countries all over the world.

There are many well-known caf chains in the world which offer amazing varieties of hot coffee, cold coffee, flavored coffee and more.