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Online Food Ordering Made East at Yummybay

Now ordering food is just a click away. Yummybay.com is Kerala’s first online food ordering portal that offers users a wide variety of options that include book a table, cakes, corporate bookings, caterers, resorts and gift a food. They are also the first online food ordering portal in India to have payment integration, accepting all cards including international cards. Yummybay.com is a joint venture between by Amicitia Food Mart PVT LTD, having years of experience in the UK food industry and IT support by Aadhocc Software Technologies, a web development company. Presently major restaurants in Kerala from cities such as Kochi, Trivandrum, Thrissur, Calicut and Palakkad are listed in the site. In online food ordering users can view offers and promotions that the restaurants provide and also custom promotions by Yummybay. They can also view delivery areas of the restaurant of their choice. Users click and add to cart the food of their choice from the menu and all they have to choose are now payment options and delivery/takeaway mode. Users can also repeat orders, place orders for future and -Add to favourites’ in this feature. Abroad? Can’t make it for your daughter’s birthday? Yummybay gives users the option to gift food to their relatives and friends for those special occasions that matter the most. At Yummybay users get options to a wide variety of cakes with images and detailed descriptions from bakers in their locality, delivered. Now you can surprise your friends and family with a cake for every occasion, with tie-ups with some of the top notch bakers in Kerala. Want to go backpacking? Find the most suitable resorts and hotels of your needs at Yummybay, displaying various packages offered by resorts listed with us and also feature an enquiry system for users know more about the offers. Having trouble finding the right caterers and cuisine for your big event? Yummybay offers a huge list of caterers that serve a variety of cuisines. They also take care of budget crunches and give users detailed quotations on their order, thus saving your precious time. Could not get seats in your favourite restaurant? The site also offers book a table facility where in users can select the restaurant of their choice and confirm tables at the time of convenience. Just fill in the details and the restaurant will reserve a table exclusively for the users. Now sit back and relax as the food of your choice comes to you!! visit us at http://www.yummybay.com

Indian Food Around The World

Indian food is well known in Western countries for its great use of spices and its delicious sauces. Curry and lentil based dishes are a couple of the popular menu items on Indian restaurants that exist in the United States, and it is also a standard association to this genre of food. However, once the same curry consumer visits India and experiences some of the great cuisine offered in the country’s restaurants they are often surprised by what they find.

One of the interesting aspects of Indian food is that it is extremely relevant to the culture. Much of the country’s cultural evolution and development is reflected in its cuisine. This makes dining in the country much more of a cultural experience than a simple hunger fulfillment opportunity. And this is also one of the reasons why many world travelers express the opinion that they gain a perspective on local culture by sampling the food that are based there. Many people insist on eating only at locally owned restaurants and diners when they travel and using India as the perfect example, it truly can be a great way to become familiar with a particular culture.

Some of the standard aspects of Indian cuisine can be found in restaurants and home kitchens in India, though they are also reflective of Indian food that is served across the world. One of the main distinctions is the use of vegetables. In India this can be extremely regionally based as they use a lot of vegetables in their cooking and they typically use what grows near them. This would be affected by restaurants that are based in other countries.

Another common aspect of Indian food that is typically unique to it is the extent of vegetarianism that is found throughout the country. And while many restaurants in the western part of the world that serve Indian food also have a large selection of vegetarian items, most of these establishments also have a large selection of meat based dishes. There is generally a much larger representation of meat based dishes served in restaurants in western countries than what is found in restaurants in India. This is another, and frequently more pronounced variation in Indian food found in the country and around the world. Some of the staple Indian food ingredients are rice, vegetables and spices. Legumes are also a standard element and one of the most important.

How To Grow Coffee Beans

Your cup of steaming hot coffee every morning isn’t something as easily prepared as you might think. Creating coffee needs more than just putting hot water and stirring sugar into it. It doesn’t even come in instant granules that we are so used to.

The coffee that we drink actually comes from the coffee plants that are cultivated in various parts of the globe. Brazil is the number one coffee producer in the world with a market share of about 30-35 percent. Most countries that produce coffee are from South and Central America and the Middle East. Some Asian countries like Indonesia and India also have coffee plantations.

Coffee plants are evergreen plants that are grown in specific situations. They need specific amounts of water, air and land in order for the flavor to be achieved. It involves a lot of back-breaking work and is pretty labor-intensive. This is perhaps why it is so hard to grow them.

Plants are sown as seedlings in what coffee-growers call nursery beds. The land needs to be well aerated since it should have a healthy amount of oxygen in the roots in order to grow well. After about 8-12 months, the seedlings are then replanted to the coffee fields where there are wet and fertilized holes.

As mentioned before, specific conditions must be kept true in order to cultivate a good coffee bean. Sunlight shouldn’t shine directly. In fact, diffused light is best. Moisture should also be kept constant with frequent and regular watering. The soil should also be fertilized and kept healthy by removing weeds and protecting them from pests.

When planted, it takes a long time before it can mature. The coffee grower needs to wait for about 5 years before his first crop.

What the trees look like Coffee trees are big and broad with dark green leaves. The flower, which resembles jasmine, is where the coffee granules are gotten. That is why harvest time are timed at the period when these flowers blossom. The fruits are also great sources of the coffee beans. The cherries or the berries will begin to come out about 6-8 months after.

It is a must that these fruits are harvested immediately as they can ripen easily- within 10 – 14 days. Manual harvesting is still preferred even if it takes a longer time. This is because the picker needs to keep the good beans apart from the bad ones.

The long wait is however very profitable for the coffee grower. One tree can produce about two pounds of beans, which is around 2000 coffee beans. After the harvest, the coffee beans are then processed. They are dried and then roasted. These coffee beans are then ready to be sold on the market where they will be grounded before being served.

Automatic chapati making machines

The chapati is one of the most well known forms of staple food items in India. Most Indian households prepare them every day. At one point of time, large numbers of chapatis were made at home in order to provide food for large joint families. Hundreds and thousands of chapatis were made by women for weddings and other social occasions where food were required to be produced in large, bulk quantities. Over the years, such trends have changed and as there is less availability of time and manpower in modern times, one needs to find out new means to prepare chapatis in large quantities. An automatic chapati making machine can be the perfect answer to that need. What are automatic chapati making machines? They are electrically operated automatic machines that produce large quantities of chapatis in a very short period of time. A stainless steel machine of huge proportions, it is comprised of two parts. The first part makes the equal sized dough balls, after which the other part rolls them into flat chapatis and then bakes them. About a thousand chapatis are prepared per hour on an average.

There are different types of automatic chapati making machines available in the market. The automatic and the semi-automatic variants are the two major types of chapatis producing machines. Both of these machines operate in a similar way to produce almost the same range of chapatis per hour. The semi-automatic chapati making machine needs an operator to oversee the whole process. On the other hand, the automatic chapati making machine performs the whole task at a single go without any external assistance.

There are a number of advantages for using automatic chapati making machines. Firstly, the process is completely hygienic unlike the traditional methods that were used to make chapatis. As the process is completely handled by the machine, there is no need of human touch which erases the possibility of contamination that might occur from dirty hands. Secondly, the chapatis are always of equal size and they are always evenly baked. The device rolls out chapatis that have the same diameter and thickness. The temperature is also regulated in a way so as to come up with chapatis that are evenly baked on both the sides. This allows for extensive quality control. The most obvious advantage is that is produces large number of chapatis in a short period of time, which comes in handy when food needs to be prepared for large communities such as in schools, hostels, mess, hospitals, weddings, hotels, and industrial areas.

Invensys Engineers is one of the most sought automatic chapati making machine manufacturers in India. Their continuous research in the field has created the revolution in food processing industry.

Check Out The Features Of Different India Tour Packages

India is a land of diversity. Ranging from the rolling mountains of Himalayas to the sandy beaches of Goa and the sand dunes of Rajasthan, there are so many diversities that are offered by different places. This is the reason for which apart from the people of the country, there are so many people across the world that visit India at different times of the year. Being an Indian, you can select any place for a vacation, but if you are worried about your budget as well as the hassle over the entire trip, it is wise to go for India tour packages.

There are, in fact, plenty of travel agencies that are operating in todays date. The main function of these companies is to offer different packages for tours across the country, and in lieu of it charge rates from the customers. Different agencies offer different packages, and accordingly they charge different rates. However, if budget is your primary concern, you can check out for India tour packages that can offer you exclusive rates at quality packages. When the rates are slightly lower, you might not get the all the facilities and luxuries, but you can definitely be assured that the qualities of such services would not be poor.

However, before entering into a deal with any travel agency, it is wise to know about the different things that are involved in the package. Some India tour packages would include provision for lunch, dinner and breakfast, while some travel agencies might not be able to offer you these schemes. Accordingly, the prices that would be charged for different packages would vary. You would definitely find out a package that most suits your budget. In fact, in most cases, you would also find different agencies charging more or less the same price for slightly different packages. It is naturally wise on your part in such a case to go for the best one.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip at any part of the country, it is high time to start your research now. With sufficient time with you, you can check out the appropriate India tour packages from different agencies. You can also read the reviews of such companies, and if you think that you are satisfied with a particular package, without any further delays, you must book it at the earliest. You would definitely enjoy a hassle free and comfortable tour.