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Ganoderma Organo Gold Coffee Network Marketing Getting Started Part Eleven

The amounts of extremely large five figure monthly commissions that you can achieve on a regular monthly basis in the ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business are not supposed to be easy to achieve because they are definitely not easy to achieve. However, it is certainly worth the effort and time of spending seven to ten hours a week for a two to four year period to achieve these levels of income together with all the other associated perks benefits and advantages. Also, after this two to four year period you know you will have walk away lifetime residual income as long as all the people in your ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business stick to your duplicatable ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing system without deviation, ever. What we are talking about here is lifetime financial security.

So all the things previously described all need to be done by you as the sponsor of your new ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business distributor and or as a distributor yourself. If you haven’t done all of them then you need to stop and do them all now. Your distributors also need to know that they need to get rid of any other Brand X products from their shelves at home and replace the Brand X products with all the Organo Gold products marketed by company. Give those entire Brand X products to charity. Replace the entire Brand X products with Organo Gold products. You have to be your own best customer. You have to be a product of the products.

So you as the ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business sponsor of your new distributor will need to make sure your distributor gets their first order of ganoderma organo gold coffee products, then schedule a getting started meeting, make sure your new distributor has their monthly planner or diary at the getting started meeting, start their prospect list, make the written commitments and review all that material. Let us now suppose that you have signed your new distributor into your ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business and you have performed all the things that we have previously discussed. It is now forty eight hours after you have signed in your new distributor and they have done all the things that you asked them to do before they attend this ‘Getting Started’ face to face meeting with you and are prepared for this one on one meeting with you.

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