Creative Ways To Display Your Challenge Coin Collection

By Caryn Smith 2010, All Rights Reserved

Challenge coins are a great way to commemorate employees, military leaders, sports teams, educators, and Scout troops. Available in a variety of finishes and custom designed with a business or organizations logo etched onto and its colors painted into the coin, the small pieces of memorabilia do more than just recognize talent and accomplishment.

Challenge coins become an important part of our personal history. They tell stories about our past affiliations and achievements. They instill a sense of pride in us and encourage teamwork, camaraderie, and perseverance. The first recipients of military challenge coins were no different than you or I. They enjoyed being praised by their lieutenant who awarded them the coins during World War I.

Displaying Your Challenge Coins in Ways That Others Will See Them

You can share your awards with the public in a number of ways. Displaying challenge coins takes very little time but can require some creativity especially if you are working with a small room or area. Space saving storage devices come in a variety of colors and finishes and can complement the dcor already found in your home or office. For people with a large challenge coin collection, these items are indispensable because they maximize the use of an area without being overwhelming or cumbersome.

Here are some of the more common ways to house your challenge coins:

* PVC Envelopes
* Coin Capsules
* Velvet Bags
* Acrylic Coin Cases
* Velvet Coin Cases
* Plastic Coin Stands

More creative ways to display your cherished tokens of appreciation exist. A few include:

* Fashioning your coin into a necklace or pendant.

* Embedding challenge coins into resin or ceramic to create a unique
paperweight or coffee mug.

* Creating a custom keychain out of your keepsake.

* Transforming a glass topped coffee table or desk into a display cabinet.

No matter what way you decide to display your challenge coins, keep this list of ideas in mind. Challenge coins were designed to highlight the number of achievements that you have accomplished throughout the years. From participating in church related activities to leading your companys softball team to the championship game, you can easily display your custom challenge coins safely and conveniently.

Sharing your accomplishments with the people that are most important to you is effortless when you have the right type of presentation in mind. Incorporate your challenge coins into your home or office decor today by using a traditional or creative display unit. In addition to being a conversation starter, custom challenge coins become an important part of the legacy that we pass on from generation to generation.